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Coders Of Caribbean is a 42 hour hackathon hosted by Next Gen Creators to help youth to create the next big thing. In this maker-space participants can bring their ideas to life ; while accessing our mentors and resources.

At Coders Of The Caribbean participants enjoy a unique environment that fosters collaboration and learning. Your given the freedom to create anything you might find interesting.


Age Limit : 13-27 

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$255,000 in prizes

Grand Prize

Jamaica Culture: Gamified

Design a game that showcases the Jamaican culture in a positive way.

Agriculture: Sort Out

Design an application that solves a problem within the agricultural sector.

NCB Social

Build an NCB Product interest app that will access users’ social media profiles to propose appropriate NCB products and services.

Find the little ones

Develop a mobile app to assist the public with finding missing children. Hear the Children’s Cry, the country’s only missing children’s program and would like to get persons to be able to assist in the effort in the search for these children.

Tourism: To di werl'

Design an application that solves a problem within the tourism sector.

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How to enter

To Participate Register Now   Age Limit : 13-27   

Step 1

Complete registration using the form on this page.


Step 2

Wait for our acceptance email. Confirmations are sent out on June 25. We select participants using a lottery system.

For help / inquiries about registration – please email:

    Sorry – Registration for Coders Of The Caribbean has closed.


Anthony Chance

Anthony Chance

Ruchmair Dixon

Ruchmair Dixon

Sean Bowen

Sean Bowen
Web and Mobile Applications, NCB

Joel Nomdarkham

Joel Nomdarkham
Yello Media

Judging Criteria

  • Originality of Idea (30%)
    How good of an idea is it? Was the idea unique, or a different take on an existing/similar app? How well did the app execute upon the theme/category chosen?
  • Pitch (20%)
    How was the overall pitch? Did the presenter get across the problem and how they plan to solve it in a precise but understandable manner?
  • Business Potential (20%)
    Is the problem they are trying to solve and the manner in which they are going about so worth the time and investment?
  • Technical Difficulty (20%)
    What was the technical complexity of the project? How hard was it to implement the idea?
  • Completeness (10%)
    Did their demo actually work? What did they learn?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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